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Wooden toys, made using solid wood from responsibly managed (FSC) european forests

and organic cotton rabbits, hand sewn and embroidered at a reintegration workshop,

are the main elements of encore! 

Playing while also learning about the main environmental principles ! 

                 WOODEN DOLLHOUSES

                         SOFT TOYS

                 FURNITURE - CARGO BIKE

                     WOODEN ANIMALS

                          TOY TEA SET

                     PRINT & ACTIVITIES

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At encore! we are guided by conscious, simple and timeless design to stimulate children curiosity and simple joy of play.

The 3 pillars of encore! project : Ecological | Pedagogical | Ethical. Learn more here: 


WHY ? 

To share news, ideas of fun activities for you and your kids, tips on education, books, new pedagogies and ecology. 

And why not ... also sometimes sharing entrepreneurial exeprience.

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